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  • me: *plots out entire novel, mentally writes 500 pages of dialogue, and deeply develops primary and secondary characters whilst driving*
  • me: *opens microsoft word* wait, what?

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id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

signs you’re a book addict #1: when you’re willing to risk being brutally murdered for free books

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Andrew and Emma for Teen Vogue

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Kieren + poppies  #SaveInTheFlesh

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Theater Challenge: 7 Scenes
╚ 5/7 seize the day (Newsies)

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classic marius

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Love seeing those international editions! 

love these covers!

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ooh a friendship bracelet!!! oh my it’s silver, you really shouldn’t have. wait uh it’s a little tight 
"you’re under arrest sir"

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scienceismyboyfriend replied to your post “definitely not getting emotional about newsies nope nopenopenopenope”

what are you taking about what is newsies what is that even I don’t think it’s closing I think that’s false

ikr I’ve never heard of it

I just googled it and apparently it’s a musical? lame. people breaking into song and dance is so unrealistic and totally not completely magical at all

and it’s like about newsboy strikes in the late 1800’s, sounds boring and totally not amazingly inspiring and beautiful at all 

I googled the cast too and like wow definitely not the most beautiful of people ever and they totally can’t sing like angels and dance incredibly or anything 

and it is definitely. not. closing.






guys remember when Lemony Snicket filled an entire page with evers? 



I do.

Who cares about the page filled with evers? Lemony Snicket just made two whole pages black.


He don’t give a shit.

And that time he repeated an entire passage about deja vu to give the reader deja vu


What a series of unnecessary events

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